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Established by Western University in 2010, The Canada-U.S. Institute is the first interdisciplinary think tank in Canada devoted exclusively to studying our country's relationship with the United States. The primary objective of the Institute is to provide timely and policy relevant research and analysis on the political, economic, historical, legal, and cultural dimensions of the Canada-U.S. relationship. Current research projects include the Arctic Research Program, an Assessment of the Canada-U.S. Relationship, and a Study on Neighborhood Revitalization in Canadian and American cities. The Institute co-hosted the conference "Taking Stock of a Turbulent Decade and Looking Ahead: Immigration to North America in 2000-2010"  with the Collaborative Graduate Program in Migration and Ethnic Relations in 2011. The Canada-U.S. Institute also introduced a Visiting Fellows Program in 2011. This program brings high profile policy-makers, journalists, and scholars from Canada and the United States to Western where they will speake and write about critical issues facing decison makers engaged in this vitally important bi-lateral relationship. Fellows of the Institute will also be invited to give a public lecture at the university and to lead a seminar with smaller groups of graduate and undergraduate students studying Canada-U.S. relations. The Institute is supported by the Vice-President, Research, the Facuties of Social Science, Arts and Humanities, Law, Information and Media Studies, as well as the Richard Ivey School of Business, and the Lawrence National Center for Policy and Management.

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