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Welcome to the Undergraduate Program in American Studies

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September 2005 marked the opening of Western's undergraduate program in American Studies; one of only a handful in Canada, and the only program to offer two honors specialization degrees. This exciting and innovative program is an interdisciplinary exploration of the values, society, and cultural expressions of the people of the United States. It looks at literature, history, popular culture, and politics in an effort to better understand the meaning and significance of the American identity. Given the importance of the United States in the world today, especially to Canadians, American Studies is a program that will be of critical interest to students from a variety of backgrounds and interests. A degree in American Studies will prepare Canadian students for a host of possibilities that demand an understanding of the culture and politics of the United States. Possible careers include government positions, teaching, business, journalism, law, broadcasting, tourism, and advanced research.

Undergraduate Program Advisors: Prof. Aldona Sendzikas and Prof. Laurel Shire (Department of History)

Undergraduate Advisor: Rebecca Dashford