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What to do with Your Degree

Melissa Scott White House

Melissa Scott (BA 2010) on a student internship with the Washington Center, fall semester, 2008.

The Centre for American Studies is extremely proud of the many accomplishments of our Alumni. Some have launched successful careers in such fields as Education, Corporate Law, Radio Broadcasting, and Political Consulting.  Many others have continued on to pursue higher education in MA and PhD programs, Law School, or Teacher's College. A number of our students have also been accepted for internship positions with such organizations as the United States Consulate General's Office, Halifax, and the Washington Center for Acadmic Internships, Washington, DC. Below is a sampling of career and higher education possibilities for American Studies graduates.

Career Possibilites

Government Policy Analyst/Advisor


Radio/Television Broadcaster

Gallery or Museum Assistant

Library or Archival Assistant




Graduate Study

MA and PhD Programs:

International Relations

Public History

Local Government

Library & Information Science


Law School

Teacher's College